foot cream
foot cream - Pieds Parfaits
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foot cream - Pieds Parfaits

It is a cream that particularly good for the regeneration of tired Feet is. For dry and chapped skin, it helps. And it is good for your toe nails. PIED-PARFAIT also soothes swollen and painful feet. (Also very good for operations and jobs where you have to be doing much.) PIED-PARFAIT includes mainly oils and Kalkblume has also a soothing and refreshing effect. The astringent and antiseptic actions Kalkextrakte prepare. This amazing foot cream is rich in vitamin C and vitamins B1, B2 and B6, which help the regeneration of skin tissue with biological extracts, amino acids and minerals. This extraordinary new product is not fat, and being very well taken

Manufacturer: Gernétic International (France)

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